Ground Breaking Brockville Blog Unleashed!

Welcome to the first edition of BrockVlog. We’re going to be coming at you at Internet Speed bringing you a nice slant on what’s going on while you’re at home watching the TV.
Consider BrockVlog to be a sexy alternative to your Radio, your Newspaper and your Television – all rolled up into one nice juicy bite sized snack. That is to say, we’re melding the media of sound, text and streaming video into one honking shaken and stirred combination of fur flying fury that will be at once addictive and totally without conscience.

Our editorial staff have set the course for this publication and that course, is of course, full steam head, damn the torpedos and stick it to the man! We’re going to be on the streets, around the city and most definately IN YOUR FACE!
So when you see our crew around town, don’t run the other way. Instead, make yourself known and tell us what you want us to hear. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the next edition of BrockVlog!

Today’s edition: Singing Sensation Janey Brown, King’s Cafe Manager Mike Yee, and Mayor Ben TeKamp.