Barking up the Wrong Gypsy

If you think you know all about this season’s Brockville Operatic Society’s production of “Gypsy“, and if you think that Ottawa’s annual frozen party on ice, Winterlude, is free family fun – well – you just haven’t seen today’s issue of Brockvlog. Special guest appearance by Jessica Alba’s favourite pet!

“It’s a fifty cent donut hammered flat that they sell for $3.50 to people who are cold and standing on the ice.”

– One Man’s Opinion

Cuddle up with some hot chocolate and grab a Scooby Snack. Settle in for five minutes of fantastic escapism – that only Brockvlog can deliver!

4 Replies to “Barking up the Wrong Gypsy”

  1. Awww My buddy Tyson!! Thats awesome he is on the set and had a role! He’s awesome and so cute!!! Funny donut exploring! hahaa u guys are doing a great job!!!!

    Love the show! Should be longer!

    -Your biggest fan!

  2. I’ve met Tyson. He sat in my lap in Mr. Brockvlog’s convertible on my way to a photoshoot and kept licking my hands the summer. Thanks for the memories Tyson.

    “The hair gets stuck in my teeth” hahaha. This is a good site to sent to Americans to find out what is really going on in Canada.

  3. Jessica Alba’s dog Nancy is soo lucky to have gotten to meet Tyson. Tyson is soo adorable and such a sweetheart! Much like his owner is! ;)

    I wish Nancy and Tyson the best in the future. I hope Im invited to the wedding! hehe!

    Love your show, I’m going to be checking it out every day!

  4. Tyson is verry lovable! I noticed he didn’t bark in the video interview. I have a yorkie which we love. But he use to bark at everyone walking by our house. We came across this website, read the review and decided to give it a try. It took about 5 days to train our dog but he no longer barks.

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