ISIS “is” Open!

Every once in a while, if you have been very good and very patient – you will find all of your planets lined up in a neat little row. So imagine our delight when we saw good old MP Gord Brown walking around in the slushy sidewalk slop of Downtown Brockville this week. Well, we just couldn’t resist inviting him on our show.

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to feel the material, but we’ll have a nice look at it!

-MP Gord Brown: He’s Hard On Soft and Silky Clothing

Further to our intergalactic alignment thesis, right next door to the BrockVlog Studios, we found a delightfully dressed and well spoken young women who is opening a brand new formal dress shop. So we put Brown to the test and arranged a little meet and greet. Who says there’s no such thing as a suit in a dress shop?

Suzanne Guild has filled the old Shopper’s Drug Store at Garden and King with loads of female formal wear. Get a sneak peek at “Isis – Clothing for Special Occasions” exclusively with the Invincible Vince Brockvlog, right here, right now.

The rumours of Raging Rock Brockvlog‘s demise have only been mildly exaggerated. He’s taken time off from updating his Facebook to wander the same streets as Gord Brown. But Rock’s armed with a camera man and a fist full of BrockVlog Pens! If the new ISIS store wasn’t enough I’s and S’s for you, then wait ’til you hear what little pea is stuck in Rock’s pod today.

“Is” there ever any end to the fun at BrockVlog?!

6 Replies to “ISIS “is” Open!”

  1. Rock raises an important issue. I for one am relieved that I am no longer constricted by the “is”. If people want to use “is” they can simply type it in; it’s only 2 letters! However, if they wish to deviate or perhaps comments on how they were feeling will the past (“was”) or hope to be feeling in the future (“will be”) now that horizon is open to them.

    Thank you Rock Brockvlog for bringing this to my attention. I “is” thrilled with the show.

    ps. Vince Brockvlog “is” hot!

  2. I hear you Betty … but there was a certain challenge in being forced to conform to the “is”. Perhaps your past feelings could have been expressed as “Betty is feeling much better than yesterday” or future hopes could be pinned on “Betty is hoping to be feeling better tomorrow”. I was always amused by the FBers who had to say “Joe is wants a new ipod” because they fell asleep in english class and couldn’t figure out that “Joe is wanting a new ipod” actually utilizes proper English grammer.

    Betty, I think we need to do a show together!


  3. Rock I thought it might be a Xams show.I would like you to check out new group met them in Belleville on Wed night while on my course.They do the Frosty the snowman video.Have a great holiday.

  4. Thanks to Brockvlog I now know about the “IS” is gone. I would have never known.

    Brockvlog- not only entertaining, but educational as well !!!

  5. Hey you all!!

    ‘hope everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa spoiled you rotten….had the pleasure of visiting Brockville over the holidays. Also enjoyed patronizing a few of your downtown merchants. Why does EVERYONE know Vince??? We picked up a lovely Matt ‘n Natt wallet at “Echo” and even though they wouldn’t allow me to use their ladies room, the service was very friendly and knowlegable. We stopped in to visit Susanjane’s. Wonderfull, wonderfull gift store. The shop keeper was very impressed that we, coming from Guelph, saw her interviewed on Brockvlog. We then had a very nice stroll to the fabulous “Savvy” shoe store!! My daughter found 2 great pairs of shoes she couldn’t live without and even I chose an amazing pair of “Kenneth Coles”. The lady in there was very accomadating and helpful and when I casually dropped “Vince’s” name she gave me a nice little free-bee!!(Thanks Vincie-boy!)We then found our way up to the 1000 Island Mall, where our daughter had a couple of gift cert’s to spend. After taking hours to make her selections, I found myself in need of a little pick-me-up beverage. All I wanted was a no fat chai latte, but alas when I asked the very kind girl at Le Chateau where I could get one, she replied, “I don’t even know what that is.” I had to go home settling for a Tim Horton’s green tea. Come on B-town you are too cosmopoliton to not sell chai latte’s somewhere in town. If there’s someone out there who knows where I can get one in B’ville, post it on this site so I’ll know for next time. Maybe Gord Brown could give a shout out to Starbucks or Second Cup and entise them. He seems like a very nice man. Quite a different response from him this time than the first time you were at his office, huh?? Just goes to show you, people change. The new store looks lovely. We’ll have to stop in on Easter Weekend (our next trip to B’ville)and see what lines she carries, because it really does matter what you wear!!

    Happy New Year, Brockvlog!!

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