The Rise of the Arctic Looney

The Wicked Weekend Edition of BrockVlog.Com is Back! After a two week hiatus, Bob Brockvlog takes his one man stand up show to the streets and freebases in front of city hall. I think you look good on the dance floor!

It means the Canadian economy is strong. And that’s a good thing.

– Sue Ling Ching

Not everyone is happy about our Looney’s recent record high against the U.S. greenback. Raging Rock Brockvlog sticks his mic in more than a few pedestrian’s crossings to find out just where the buck stops today. So sit back and hear how the King Street crazies feel about that!

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

3 Replies to “The Rise of the Arctic Looney”

  1. What is going on? 9:56 and no comment from Jim yet!!! Come on Jim … you got fans you know! Don’t keep us waiting.

  2. Poor Moose sorry about your nuts.Good mono for the weekend,I really like those t—s.Rock you can find em can’t you on that busy street? Hurrah for the dollar too bad.I went to Florida in 75 and dollar was 1.08 wow too much.Nice to shop in the states at almost par again.Have a good weekend

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