It’s Only Brock & Roll

But I like it. Actually, I like it alot. Today we took a dreamy trip along the St. Lawrence River, and stopped by for a visit at

the homebase of Doug Healy and Randy Orr. Healy & Orr have been entertaining us here in Brockville and area for the past 10 years. They have also had occasion to tour and have thrilled audiences around the world. See for yourself why this talented duo command the respect and the adolation of music lovers young and old everywhere they go. And from their soon to be released CD, we catch them riffin’ on a self made song, “Hometown Hero“. These guys played their hearts out, but not before BrockVlog grilled them on fire!

I have one groupie. Plus, plus, plus plus plus…”

– Randy Orr on his fans.

Today’s edition features the premiere rantings of our self styled agent provocateur. BrockVlog’s new man from the grindstone, the guy who tosses knucklepucks at basement windows , our own major league home run hitter, ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Ed Clements!

3 Replies to “It’s Only Brock & Roll”

  1. These guys are quite entertaining. I have seen them a few times at the Keystorm and they play great tunes and are funny in between songs. I’ve heard them play a few of there own tunes live before so I can’t wait to get their CD when it comes out. Thanks for the great interview. I did miss the big microphone though

  2. Hey!!

    Sorry Louie, Louie.. I had the microphone over the weekend.. Our favourite singing sensation Janey Brown used the big microphone to interview another band “The Boys and I” which you will be able to check out tomorrow!!

    Keep watching, and don’t forget to tell yer friends!


  3. I love this site… I’m officially hooked. It’s great to see “newsworthy” local stories on-line. Kinda the lazy man’s e-newspaper, great idea! Eastern Ontario’s newest lifestyle & entertainment magazine, “Real Life,” should make over your sweet little female V.J. Not b/c she isn’t beautiful now… She MOST certainly is! It’s just the fact she’s now a T.V. personality. The print media exposure should also help spread the word about w/ a feature article. AND REALLY, who doesn’t like to see hot chicks who look GREAT. Fun for everyone :)

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