Toniata Tune Up

The Toniata Public School mandatory music program has produced some fine shows over the years, but Mme. Shannon McMullen has outdone even her fabulous self this time. Her all star band of upper year elementary students are crossing the crescendos and dotting the diminuendos in preparation for an upcoming cross-Canada road tripping trumpet blasting cymbal crashing supersonic tour de force. Bob BrockVlog gets the scoop on what exactly is going on here.

My big beef? My big beef is…

Chris Coyea

From the ‘This Just In’ file: St. Lawrence College is on strike. We sneaked around to the back door and got another BrockVlog exclusive with striking(ly handsome) instructor Chris Coyea. Take a look behind the strike as Raging Rock BrockVlog unearths the shocking reasons that forced the walkout.

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