It Isn’t Polite to Stair

When Bob Brockvlog‘s away, the cool cats will play. For the first time ever on BrockVlog, the much anticipated MonoVlog has been conceived and delivered by another. And it’s delivered on-time and on the mark. Lance Brockvlog steals the show and gives you some happy chuckles to help you through the next few days with The Wicked Weekend Edition of

You’re usually standing in running water.

– Neil Matheson Not yet, but for a taste of what’s happening on the other side of the fruitcake, Raging Rock Brockvlog interviews volunteers from the Canadian Aid for Cherynobyl. Hear what the CAC Crazies have to say about life and engineering principle’s behind the former Iron Curtain.

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  1. I think you need to call in the certain countries that are good at cement work.Was that polictically correct? Bob you should have done your show,Lance can’t carry your bags.Nice work Eric on your vlog,and showing a bit of humor in the show.I think those stairs would be a nightmare for WSIB.See ya Monday.

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