He’s One Step Ahead of the Landlord


“Just right there is good.

Ex-Mayor Steve Clark

You can run, but you can’t hide from the BrockVlog cameras. Recently MPP Bob Runicman actually pulled up stakes from his Perth St constituency and moved about two blocks east into the old Nortel Building on Strowger Blvd.

But it takes more than a New Year’s Eve dine and dash to fool us! The Invincible Vince BrockVlog has a nose for the news and a friend in a high place. Between parking a giant moving van in front of the building and hiring one of BrockVlog’s finest to decorate the place, it really wasn’t that difficult to sort this one out.

Brockville’s Famous Ex-Mayor, Steve Clark is fronting for Mr. Runciman and you’re not going to believe the snow and hot air he’s blowing around.

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