Willie or Won’t He?

The Brockville Canadian Tire outdoor cafeteria, or, The Willie Dog Grill was set upon by our own, Raging Rock Brockvlog today. They don’t take Canadian Tire money nor do they give it, but franchise owner, Randy Dixon, is a crowd pleaser and he knows how to make his sausage look sexy.

The Hot Italian is pretty good

-Randy Dixon

Editor’s note: We are experimenting with a few compression settings. Today’s show is about 1/5th the regular download size, and even smaller than the old Quicktime versions. The audio was screwed when it was captured (bad battery in the mic) so take that out of the equation, the video is a bit lower res, but let me know if it is a good tradeoff for the reduced file size.

5 Replies to “Willie or Won’t He?”

  1. Randy good dogs.Only if you could set up at the corner in Balleycanoe it would make it quite a weekend and the beer fridge would be closer.Rock great job bringing out the blue collars lunchtime spot.

  2. You know I’ll be there for some of that!!

    Dave & Laura at Mr.s B’s Variety on King St. in Brockville are the BEST!!

    Tell them BrockVlog sent you and they will let you peek at the dirty magazines for free!!

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