Bicycle Bash

Dan Reid rides bycycles. He’s cycled across France. He’s spent four years in Boston. And now he’s been in an accident. Raging Rock Brockvlog meets up with Dan, his busted bike and his battle wounds. Where North Augusta Road meets King Street in Brockville, Dan Reid met a car at 90 degrees. Thankfully, he’s going to be fine, but he’s pretty banged up and wants to share his experience with the rest of us.

Oh, this one’s going to hurt!

Dan Reid

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3 Replies to “Bicycle Bash”

  1. Very good I hope all the kids are watching,I know my youngest needs to watch this and he has.Good reporting Rock.Is Mars getting closer?My email says so but,you knew it was 3 years ago.Another good investigating report.Ah a new vlog,Cobourg gets old email.

  2. Dan,

    Just wanted to wish you well. Hope your war wounds heal up nicely. Hope you were able to save Steve Bauer! Enjoy your job with the rowing club.


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