Wow. It is Friday already? Oh yeah, Baby. And BrockVlog is dishing up it’s spiciest show ever!

Continuing in the new BV tradition, Bob BrockVlog brings us up to date on world and personal issues with his critically acclaimed stand up stylings with the third installment of his genre shaping, “The MonoVlog”. Saddam Hussein, you better sit down Mister – It’s party time.

It’ll probably turn into a scab in about 3-4 hours.

Janey Brown

Ever wonder about the egg roll? We do all the time. How are they made? What’s in them? Who makes them? Chinese Chef Wannabe Lance BrockVlog takes us deep into the fry zone at King Street Cafe to see if he can get a peek at what happens behind the wok. Real Chinese chef Sandy might just show us an ancient secret or two – shhhhh, don’t tell!

And what’s a Friday without BrockVlog’s Sweetheart Janey Brown? Not worth the bandwidth of a spam email? We agree. That’s why we pulled her out of the glam machine, fluffed her up and sat her down in front of our cameras. Raging Reporter Rock BrockVlog grills this svelte salmon on subjects as diverse as Toronto Train Rides to the mating habits of the common louse.

Crazy crazy stuff today and we’re proud to be associated with it! Thanks for tuning us in!

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