Keep Up the Good

In a surprise mid-week manoever, Invincible Vince Brockvlog takes to the mic, and rips loose with a fresh MonoVlog. Bad boyTodd Gill and pretty boy Jeff Lawson took over ownership of the Brockville Braves CJHL hockey team on the same day as Billionaire Warren Buffett gives away all of his money. And some dude who’s had an erection for the past ten years wins $400,000 by suing the maker of his implant.

It’s a pain in the a$$.

– female shopper on 10 digit dialing

Raging Rock Brockvlog beats it over at the Thousand Islands Mall today and asks shoppers, “What do you think of the new 10 digit dialing?”

THE BUSKERS ARE COMING!!! Check back tomorrow for part one of three sexy busker segments.

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3 Replies to “Keep Up the Good”

  1. wow what a show and to think 10 digit dialing in a pain in the ass?Keep em coming and don’t forget Cobourg festivil is this weekend and a vlog is waiting.

  2. Hey Vince,
    Maybe if you dressed as a pirate for 25 minutes and slapped on some lubriderm, you can regain your place in the Guiness Book of World records!

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