Take A Chance On Me

Those shiny wrappers and promises of millions of dollars of instant winnings was just too much for impulse buyer Bob Brockvlog today. Sexy Dave Wilson of Mrs. B’s Variety sucked him into his vortex of gambling and we all hope he isn’t hooked like a New York junkie.

Raging Rock Brocklog takes another hard look at the goings on up at the Galaxy 6 Screen. He’s predicting popcorn in Brockville by snowfall.

Take your wife out for dinner.

– Anne Harper

If you can’t see the video – you need Flash Player 8

2 Replies to “Take A Chance On Me”

  1. Hey Mark-O, oops! I mean “Bob”. You’re a lucky guy!! $10.00 on the lottery! Way to go!
    Where did you and “The little Lady” go for dinner with all that loot? Don’s or Mantell’s? hahahahahaha
    Who loves ya, baby
    What happened to the blog on June 9th? Too busy celebrating my b’day? And how about a little mention of “Sussman’s” for all your Father’s Day needs? There are other men’s wear stores in the world besides what’s-his-names place. There’s alot to be said for keeping it in the family you know. Hahahahahahaha

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