On Your Clark, Get Set…

Circulation Manager of your grandfather’s newspaper by day – super promo guy for the 2007 International Plowing Match and Country Festival by night and weekend: Steve Clark. He’s really trying to break his “youngest mayor in the free world” legacy – and we just might let him. For today.

The ladies will look after things.

Steve Clark

Hear why it’s important for Brockville to know about a four day festival that is a year and a half away today. Learn what it takes to make it in the Plowing World. Discover what other people, like you, think about this and about Steve Clark in general. All on today’s edition of BrockVlog.com.

One Reply to “On Your Clark, Get Set…”

  1. What the Blog is going on here?? As much as I enjoy Bob and Lance, where the heck is that cute
    “Rock” guy????? I sure miss his no questions left unasked style of reporting.
    Has he been picked up by CNNBLOG.COM??

    A Loyal Fan

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