Riddler Me This

With big change comes big responsibilities. Or something like that. With one of the three orginal pillars of BrockVlog still away on assignment in Belarus, Lovable Lance Brockvlog and the Invincible Vince Brockvlog have been having a tough go of it. But in the Facebook of adversity, they have shown that BrockVlog spirit and have put together another great show for you here.

I spit nothin’ but skill,
Out in Brockville.

– Local Hip Hop Artist, The Riddler

Gleened from the trenches of said Facebook we found this cutie, Betty Brockvlog (no relation) and just handed her a wireless super-mic and set her loose on Mrs. B’s Variety. But instead of coming back with the planned Ice Cream Scoop, she met up with what is likely Brockville‘s only authentic Hip Hop Artist. Recently relocated to our river city, Jonathan Krupa a.k.a The Riddler, shows us why he does what he does. Listen closely, and under the bit, you’ll hear the sweet grooves of his sound. (CD’s not yet available)

Oh ya. Recorder and Times reporter Ron Zajac was elected The Craziest from our recent scientific BrockVlog’s Craziest Poll. BOB.fm‘s Morning man Moose is pissed. So is Councillor Henry Nobel. Nobel is so mad he’s banning plastic bags. Now THAT’S craZy!

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

3 Replies to “Riddler Me This”

  1. Hey kids, Rock Brockvlog here from Belarus! The folks over here have just started getting season 1 of “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost” and they want to know when you are going to start dubbing BV into Russian? Without understanding a word, Betty is already a big hit over here. Great show, I’m going to hurry home so the fans don’t forget who I am!


  2. Oh Lance, You are way hotter then Ryan Reynolds!

    Betty is so cool! And she has such vast knoweldge to share! Like me, she is female and therefore does know everything – right?

    Brockvlogs Facebook has 124 members! BUT… Lance is winning the popularity race with 201 freinds, Vince lagging behind with 71.


  3. Hey brockvlog peeps I listened to the Riddlers CD yesterday and he is really good. You should go see that crazy man accross the street and get the CD.

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