A Mayoral Groundhog Pledge

It isn’t often that a Mayor of any city, let alone Brockville, will boldly make a pledge on camera. But faced with a damning petition overflowing with five illegible signatures, we had him dead to rights. There’s going to be a glorious statue erected atop a glorious saloon. Soon.

Today marks the 1 year Anniversary of BrockVlog, and an Invincible Vince Brockvlog scored a moral victory for all those in favour of Groundhog Day. Watch this episode and take note. Mayor David Henderson categorically backs the erection of a statue.

You get the sixteen (signatures). You get the dollars. You get the okays. We’ll talk to J.R. Baileys and get ‘er (the groundhog statue) up there.

Mayor Dave Henderson

Hot off the encouraging words of the mayor, Lovable Lance Brockvlog hits the downtown hotspot of Mrs. B’s Variety in order to fill the petition. Owner Dave Wilson is all about that.