Banished From the Mall

Today, as our new Prime Minister was standing tall and proud (and suffering from an undisclosed medical malady) in our Nation’s Capital – our crew of investigative reporters decided to head on over to the 1000 Island’s Mall to interview a few everyday Canadians and see what they had to say about PM Steven Harper. Unfortunately, we were cut short by Mall security and were escorted out of the building.

With warnings regarding the sanctity of malls, we were informed that you can not “especially” ask people about “the government”.

Catch it here!

But first – we take you to an underground lair filled with spices, beans and meats. Treat yourself with introductions to six of Brockville’s bravest: Those who dared to enter, “The 4th Annual Groundhog Day Big Ass Chili Cookoff”.

3 Replies to “Banished From the Mall”

  1. That was good and funny that it’s “private” property considering it’s a mall but hey Atleast u got in there in the first place!!! Great job

    -Ur biggest fan!

  2. I Love this page.. Sooo much fun!! I hope that you guys keep new episodes coming!! It must be a lot of work!!

    You should put up a poll so people can vote on who they think will win this Big Ass Chili Cookout!!! I think I’d have to vote for the child-mayor Steve!

    Looking forward to more great VLOGS!!


  3. Make sure you invite Kingsley Grant to next year’s Big Ass Chili Cookoff…if you dare! He’s never lost a competition yet!

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