Them There is Pirate Tracks

The TISS track has begun it’s million dollar transformation. Bob Brockvlog stops by to see what all the bulldozing is about.

Pay no attention to the man behind the box.

– The Mighty BrockVl-Oz

In an unexpected Tuesday treat, we reveal for you yet another sneak peek at the upcoming thriller – Brockvlog – The Movie!

If you can’t see the video – you need Flash Player 8

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  1. I am totally enjoying your coverage of the new track at TISS. You made a small comment as to how the Pirates rule in football. As a alumi (or is it alumus?) of SGDHS, I remember the Giants, “ruling” in football; during my days in the Thousand Islands area anyway. Have they (the Pirates, I mean) improved? By the way, we have one of your math teachers from BCI here in Guelph now. Although she was there for one year, she has no knowledge of Tait’s bakery but she does claim to have “heard of” the Sir Issac Brock. Is that the library in town? She also had no knowledge of the “Manitona”. It still pains me to see it gone………..sigh……..
    Has anything taken it’s place, besides “A Bay” ?

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