Dave Who?

Guess who’s back? Oh ya. It was just too much to take. The constant droning, the emails, the moaning – When is BrockVlog coming back? Are you going to do more BrockVlog? We really miss our BrockVlog! Well, ladies, gentlemen and jailhouse lawyers – WE ARE FINALLY BACK!!!

On today’s episode we see and hear from a clean shaven Vince Brockvlog as he explains the course of this second season. Then, not to waste of moment of your valuable time, Raging Rock Brocklog (looking no worse for the wear we might add) socks it to the pseudo-electorate of our great city. Mayor Elect Dave Henderson may have dodged our camera today, but don’t think for a second that the citizens of Brockville have lost even a smidge of what we call Election Fever.

“Who’s Dave Henderson?”

Susan Knights, at the 1000 Islands Mall

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10 Replies to “Dave Who?”

  1. Welcome back,

    I hope now that golf season is over, we will see more of Brockvlog

    Thanks for the plug

    lets see, Rock said no one voted and I did
    so that makes 1…………man am I good
    with stats

    You Rock…………Rock

  2. Ok your first show ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it was a bit of a flop??Where were all the Brockville voters,someone must have voted for the guy he got in didn’t he?? Any how great to see you back and looking forward to all the new episodes.Do the Brockville Braves that will be a good show.

  3. It’s Awesome to have you back on the air, or should I say online.

    I know it must be tough to come up with interesting stories to cover in Brockville, but what about that new A & W? Is the great root bear mascot going to be in town for the grand opening?

    You guys better get the scoop on that one, cause that place is going to be the shiznit!

  4. well, the overall response to our ‘comeback’ victory lap has been overwhelming. Not since my granny died have I received so many phone calls, emails and pats on the back. Not to mention random tuna casseroles being dropped off at the house.

    So… keep checking back periodically – we’re stoked and full of great ideas!


  5. Hurray! Hurray!! You’re back!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. So far so good. And what exactly do YOU know about this Dave Henderson? Did any of you vote for him? I wonder if he’s actually from B’ville? Did he go to BCI or TISS or South Grenville, GO! GIANTS! Yea!!!
    Luv ya, Baby!

  6. Welcome Back Guys!! Great to see another episode of Brockvlog! If you guys can do it, then maybe there is hope for The Weekend returning one of these days…

    Also, I have a great idea for Rock. Next time you ask people about someone, like Dave Henderson, and they have no idea who he is, you should totally play it as if You are Dave Henderson! At some point you may have to tell them the truth, but I think you could really milk it for a few minutes – if they think they are talking to the newly elected mayor you’ll probably get a lot of great opinions on what to do in Brockville!

  7. Great to see ya back guys… hope you had a great time off. Looking forward to hometown humor. As for the pretending bit, go with it, You could get picked up by a real news network, like FOX.. I hear they are for truth in journalism :)

  8. Great to see your back.

    It does scare me that you couldn’t find anyone to comment on the election other then the signs, guess that says a lot.

  9. crazy, and to think I thought I had the young vote, I gotta say though that the issues seemed to cover more ground with the interviewees than I recolect covering…

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