Yes They Call It Pubby Love

Dear BrockVloggers,

Part of the reason that BrockVlog has been down this summer is shown here. Vince Brockvlog packed up his family and took off to Cape Breton Island for a little R&R.
Shown here is the family in a nice pub in Ingonish, NS.

Please take a second and let me know how everyone is doing on your end in the comments!

BTW – there is a little pilot project happening on I think it may be a fun little spot for you BrockVlog lovers. :)

3 Replies to “Yes They Call It Pubby Love”

  1. Marko,

    Sorry to leave you high and dry man. But this may brighten your day a bit… I’ve been moonlighting over at YouTube:

    It’s still very occasional – but there are quite a few videos there that I have not posted on

    One of these days I’ll bring the Weekend back…

    Also, looks like you are taking some time off too – good to hear.

    Take it easy,

  2. Now that things seem to be back on track, i was wondering how one would go about getting a segment going. I am in an indie band here in brockville that has done everything from play the Ottawa Civic Centre this year, to the Ottawa Super Ex. we’ve made music videos, mini-tours, and even been scouted by record labels. I really enjoy this site. And i think it’s a healthy alternative to cogeco, and i want The Mantra to be a part of it. I just don’t know how to go about that.

    Anyways, get back in touch when you get the chance. Cape Breton is awesome. Check out newfoundland sometime (that’s where i am from). Hope to hear from you soon.

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