Go Tell It On The Mountain

Just when you thought it was safe to slide down a big snowy hill in total anonymity – think again! Reporter Rock BrockVlog discovers that no matter where you go, Brockville is never far behind. Check out the sights and sounds from Mountains in Quebec and see for yourself what’s going on in the hearts of displaced Brockvillians in the middle of the winter.

“Time to lose the chaf and get down to some good chilis,” Judge Jason Sloan declares as he snuffs out two of the six chili chef’s flames. Part three of this five part Brockville Realty TV show, The Groundhog Day Big Ass Chili Cookoff continues.

“What’s this muscle called?”

What’s a day without exercise? Personal Trainer Patricia Baird explores fitness from a rather odd perspective; that of reporter Bob BrockVlog and his off the wall questions. “What’s this muscle called? Who is Latissimus Dorsi and did she go to South Grenville in the 80s?” are just a couple of the indepth questions posed to this trained health specialist.

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