Escalators Anyone?

Five cents doesn’t go as far as it used to. Especially if you need parking at St. Lawrence College. Bob Brockvlog explains: If you’re going to class, you’d better bring a bucket. A bucket of change, that is!

We’re having a garden party!

– Mike Laking

It seems so obvious once we show you – but even more so when Raging Rock Brockvlog demonstrates. The children are being raised in Brockville without the aid of escalators. What is it about this town?
Mike Laking, Special Programs Officer at SLC meets with Lance Brockvlog and explains what the big circus tent is all about. Learn about the donors and about the after hours on campus partying!

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2 Replies to “Escalators Anyone?”

  1. I can’t view them at work too bad I will have to wait till I get home in the morning.To see the next episode.

  2. Party on dudes.No money in the government ha isn’t that a joke? You guys were all over the place the reporting is becoming like a regular news cast?

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