No Brown to be Found

Today is an all Brown episode of Brockvlog. Long time Brockville thespian, Seanna Kennedy, has written, cast, and directed her very own show “Peanuts Remembered” which is being performed this weekend and next at the BCI auditorium. This show is not to be confused with a similiarily named show based on the memoirs of a Urologist.

Our local Federal Member of Parliament, Mr. Gord Brown, has the geographical pleasure of being located right across the street from our BrockVlog Studios. We’ve been facinated with the GST reduction and thought that we might have a word with the man who’s goverment was nice enough to pass the savings on to us. Invincible Vince Brockvlog, and his mathematical mind of a fourth grader, discovered a much more powerful message that could be passed on to all Canadians, and wanted to share it with Brown. You see, most people think that the GST has been lowered by only 1%. But – taking it down from 7 to 6 is a 1/7th reduction, and, grab your calculators kids, that is about a 14% reduction! But what do we know?

You’re going to want to watch this one more than once. If you have any questions – I’d tell you to call your MP, but, as you will learn – that would really just be a giant waste of time.

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11 Replies to “No Brown to be Found”

  1. Look at that, I’m on Brockvlog and I didn’t even know it! If the Brockvlog crew is interested in coming down to BCI on any of our show nights (tonight (sat the 8th), or the 14 or 15th) to talk to the cast and crew (possibly about their favourite peanuts memories (Once a squirrel left peanut shells all over my house…thats a pretty scary peanuts memory), or to see what the show is actually about, they are totaly welcome!

  2. Hi Vince,
    I cannot beleive the RUDE treatment you suffered at the hands of the PC party office in your own home town. What on earth do they think they are there for ?? You are most deserving and entitled of an audience with your MP with any concern/inquiry you might have. Do you want me to call his office??Maybe we should call old “Steve” Harper himself when he gets back from Bush’s birthday party and report this terrible slight. Our crazy riding here in Guelph elected “Bullet-Proof” Brenda. A Liberal Candidate. Maybe you should contact the Liberal guy in your area and let them know how arrogant and uncaring the PC Brown office is. I am outraged!! don’t they know who you are!!
    love you lots,
    A. Susie

  3. I can’t believe what just happened……You had no choice but to go over to Gord Brown’s office and get answers. I agree with Aunt Susie, that was RUDE… and hopefully you will get your chance to talk to Gord Brown about issues and about the way you were treated.

    All she had to do was ask you to talk to her off camera about the phone calls and if you can get an appointment with Gord Brown…..I hope one day that Gord Brown can answer some of your questions and to explain why you were treated that way

  4. Oh Vince – don’t take NO for an answer – you can do it! Maybe a little ‘street-side camping’ is in order? Don’t let the receptionist scare you away… slow and steady… you’ll get your man!!!!

  5. Would MP Kincaid from the city of Hartley behave like that?? hmmmm…
    Maybe try checking out the Holiday Inn in Gananaque, you can often times find Gord Brown there. Make a reservation and you would be a paying customer.


  6. Just a normal display from the PC Government and their lack of respect of the Canadian people. I think I’ll actuall take a trip down ther this week and see what is up. So much for responsible/accountable practices..Big sack ‘o losers…and other unmentionables..

  7. BrockVlog …
    Poor taste, no class…
    One day you’ll be sued …you are subject to slander and liable laws like every other publication…we’re waiting until you slip..then we’ll see who pounces!

  8. Ed,

    Looking for poor taste and no class? Look no further than the treatment BrockVlog received at the hands of an employee at Mr. Brown’s constituency office.

    If this level of treatment continues, perhaps it will be the electorate of Leeds and Grenville who “pounces” on Mr. Brown.


  9. I’m not too sure if you are aware of this..
    but a couple of times both Vince and Ainslie used the word “penis” instead of “peanuts”.
    Just had to point that out.

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