Go North, Young Man

Like caribou or the Monarch butterfly, it seems a pattern is emerging in Brockville – and that pattern we’ve identified: Migration. In the past 6 weeks alone, two out of the three heavy hitter downtown delis have opened a “Northern” version of their flagship shop. First it was the 200 year old Tait’s Bakery moving up beside Canarm. Old man Tait would be spinning in his bread basket if he knew that. Then we discovered that Brockville’s Sweetheart, Mr. Shawn Oglivie, in what seems more like a sophmore project, is casually opening a second location of his living legend eatery, Ogie’s, right beside the CFJR / Bob.fm radio station. Wake up call to Cathy Lewis of Boboli – get on your racing bike and stake out what’s left of the Great White North before it’s too late.

No Swearing!

Shawn Ogilvie – explaining what to expect in the new location of Ogies

3 Replies to “Go North, Young Man”

  1. Love the sleuthing abilities of Bob Brockvlog. I bet he doesn’t have trouble finding a matching pair of socks in his sock drawer.

    Great show!

  2. This is one of my favorite shows. Excellent job! Way to get in there and find the ‘news’. It was funny as hell as you approached the store, closer and closer – and then actually walked in. Not sure if Ogie’s can swing it up town – but the best of luck in the try. Good on ya’ guys!

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