Now That’s Revealing

Crazy Rob Hunter from Downtown B-Dot (Brockville) tipped us off to the biggest media reveal in recent history this morning. BrockVlog quickly rearranged our meetings with Councillor Henry Noble and showed up with cameras in hand at the 2pm City Hall BizXcel Branding Brew-Haha. Sadly there were no vodka and oysters (next time Dawn Edgley), but since the Phoenix Bar is currently under liquor licence suspension a few of the Brockville celebs did show up. Nice to see a Greg Hinton, a Kent Henderson, a Sueling (no last name necessary), a BrockVlog alumnus Larry Journal, and a selfish Tim Hortons bearing Jake Belanger there. Of note of absence, was Mr. King Yee Jr (Fancy Pants), Mayor Dave Henderson (Underpants), and Eco-Emo Dev Officer Dave Paul (No Pants). We did see them petitioning the residents for a quick end to the Phoenix Inconvenience right after however.

Phase One was to do some research and analysis

Robert Stickle – Project Manager, BizXcel

With a sexy intro by three time BrockVlogger Rene Eaton – this pulse pounder quickly escalated into a total free for all when someone pushed the button on the wireless remote and the (I’m not kidding) PowerPoint presentation did a butt edit to reveal the new logo. Rene ducked as the applause overtook the chambers.

Bearing a mulitude of colours that would make even the most closet cosy man proud, the latest logo for the downtown business community was projected onto the pull down screen. The rest, as they say in Gay Paris, is for you to enjoy here…

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

Special Behind the Scenes Peek! here

4 Replies to “Now That’s Revealing”

  1. Great show Vince! That logo is great! It’s so Vibrant… and Alive! haha. Seriously, it makes me want to come visit Brockville someday… but I think I’ll wait until the Phoenix gets their liqour license back.

  2. $32,000 for the new logo? Jeez that should include FREE tattoos for all.
    I think I’ll head down to soulfire with a nice portrait of Vince and ask for that to be inked on my derriere (Im not french as you can tell, nor can I spell)

  3. 32,000 for that??? I don’t know I think I would have put the money on the poop problem on the island.Wow I guess I got into the wrong business.

  4. loved the peter hoogendam joke, best thing ever, revolt, anger, disgust over the new logo price. we have an idea, have a city wide contest, cost nothing and we can spend the money on downtown subsidy. what is next for the logo? does it go on to ottawa news papers to entice people to come visti the pheonix? or maybe it will bring more elvis impersonators to riverfest. keep us posted,

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