Icing on the School Bus

Both the Upper Canada District School Board and the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario said “Stay in bed” to their plethora of contract school bus drivers today. The reason was a common one around here – bad road conditions. Just what constitutes bad conditions and how are they determined has been a mystery for generations. Meet Terry Simzer. He’s the official spokesperson for the UCDSB and he helps to set the record straight. Or as straight as it gets with BrockVlog anyway.

“We do have the dongs”

Dave Paul, Feb 17th, 2006

Brockville’s Chief Economic Development Officer Dave Paul paid the BrockVlog studios an honour today and spent some time chatting on camera (and off) about the biggest thing to hit Market Square East since Wonderland. Enjoy the ever affable personality of our city’s finest seductress; Dave Paul’s first visit to BrockVlog.com (and he’s even wearing leather, ladies!).

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