The Boys are Back in Town

BrockVlog‘s newest correspondent Janey Brown takes a look at an aspiring new gramatically correct band, “The Boys & I”. These guys are everything that you want to be when you are 18: cutting edge, creatively dangerous and sexy as hell. Bestill your hearts, ladies. Move over Dave Paul. These guys are the real deal. Complete behind the band interviews and details on their new CD “When Summer Ends” PLUS a kick ass taste of their sound is all here, baby. Best enjoyed with a can of teen spirit and a bag full of attitude.

We can work around it.

Kenny from “The Boys & I”

Also on tap today, we have an exclusive one on one with the mysterious Mr. C of Mr. C’s Gift of Music. Find out the truth behind the anglo-saxon’s alphabetical third. Spoiler: His name wasn’t always what you think it is!

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  1. Hey folks…im not sure who’s behind the brockvilleblog site but it looks pretty cool. Just wondering if you’re looking more writers or photographers. I have conducted many interviews with locals and bands, and I’ve written several essays and reports on various topics of local/global interest. I am also willing to donate some of my photographic art to ‘spice’ up your site some. Please check out my websites for more info and get back to me if you’re interested. Peace. = writing = photography = this might a good story for yous

  2. i am just a little sister very proud of her big brother. You are my hero. Congratulations on your new venture. I do miss you lots. The g+b.

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