Mixed Market

At long last, the Brockville Downtown Farmer’s Market has re-opened. Closed for the winter season, this eclectic mix of home grown manufacturers gathered for the first time in 2006 this Saturday. Lance Brockvlog was on hand and he treats us to an interview with pretty much every vendor. Oh, you can just about taste summer now, can’t you?

You won’t even get spit on.

– llama farmer at the Market

Among the many people we spoke to were: Bill Gibbons, Peter Carter, Gerrit DeYoung (The Lilly Man), Corinne Murdock, Heidi Schlagk, Cindy Bryan, Vivienne Wagner, Ian deZeeuw, Roshan Aubin, Marsha Countryman, Jerry Flaro, Claudette Flaro and John deZeeuw.

3 Replies to “Mixed Market”

  1. Lance that was an excellent job on the market and it makes me want to visit the market next time I come to Brockville. Wow they should be very happy with the promotion you did for them.

  2. Can someone give the name of the man selling the dvd of Brockville, Love to have a little bit of home down here.

  3. Samuel (Down Under) … I found this address for a Mr. Peter Carter, who I’m sure can work something out to get that DVD to you.. His e-mail is (pkc@ripnet.com).. Make sure that you tell him that BrockVlog.com sent ya!!

    Also, JIM: Thanks for the compliment.. Always nice to hear that people are watching, enjoying and taking something away from the Vlog, and the work we put into our shows..


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