Best Foot Forward, Please

Beautiful Dawn Edgley, of Fitness Edge, had to learn to run at an early age – in order to escape those crazy boys at school. Bob Brockvlog knows all about that as they spent four years together at South Grenville. Well, the reunion that all of Prescott has been waiting for takes place today. Dawn’s taken what was once a survivor instinct and turned it into a hugely successful downtown business with focus on runners and their apparel. Her store has moved west one block today, and you’ve got to check it out.

You’ve got to take your time and do it correctly.

– Dawn Edgley

Are you a supinator or a pronator? Do you even know which is which? If not, perhaps you know if you are right or left footed. Watch Raging Rock Brockvlog stub both of this big toes as he quizzes the downtown Brockville crazies today.

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  1. Oh yeah good story about the store.Rock good thing no body punched you in the head asking that question.Very professional to switch the question so you didn’t bomb.You must be very flexible as a newsperson.Very funny show.

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