Jack be Niblick

If you can’t bring the greens to the golfers, then bring the golfers to the greens – sort of. We visit Brockville’s only year round golfing facility – Sunnidell Golf Club – today and talk with manager Nancy Ker. You’ll be amazed at how her stories all strangely focus on golf for some reason.

We do it inside

– Nancy Ker from Sunnidell Golf

Remember the furor when the train whistles started blowing again? Well – our team of investigative reporters are one step ahead of the soon to be next big noise complaint issue. Cover your ears and get to bed early. Lock the doors and shove your iPod earbuds into place. You’re soon going to need it if you’re trying to sleep a mere 60 feet from the biggest single dong in downtown Brockville.

Raging BrockVlog reporter Rock BrockVlog putts then drives the indoor golfers crazy with his artifactual questions on the tools of the links.

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