Brockville’s Missing Something – Big

For those of you who maybe don’t get to all four corners of our fair city, and for those of you who have moved away and have been wondering what’s been going on – we’ve traversed the town and have put together a little montage of what’s gone missing. Some have been gone for a while, some have disappeared in a heartbeat. You’ll be sure to recognize and reminisce as we take this road less travelled by.

The 4th Annual Big Ass Groundhog Day Chili Cookoff Reality TV show wrapped up in today’s Vlog. You’re not going to believe what you see and you’ll never guess what the secret ingredient was. All eyes on the screen please! Here we go:

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  1. nice, I knew Claudia could do it…And this show is becoming a huge wonder…bra…lemme tell yah…Im enjoying it tons, good job men…or whatever you may be :):P

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