I Can See-N For Miles

Put on your oxygen mask and take your altitude sickness pills – Brockville meets Toronto on today’s very special edition of Brockvlog. Frances Oliver heads up the Brockvlog School Trip as we ascend to dizzying heights atop of the CN Tower. It’s thirty years old this year and still makes our heart skip a beat everytime we think we’re going to fall from its graces.

It’s as high as it gets

– Frances Oliver

Don’t worry local yokels – we’re back tomorrow – and you got a free ride and guided tour of the tallest freestanding structure in the world. So why not pay us back by emailing a few of your buddies and telling them to tune into BROCKVLOG.COM! That would be great

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3 Replies to “I Can See-N For Miles”

  1. Thanks for the CN show – brings back memories! I lived in TO when they were building it and have pictures of different pouring stages. Did they tell the class of the man or men that are encased in the foundation??? I hope to make it there this summer and take the hubby and babes up it. By then the TO smog will be at it’s peak and we’ll see nada!

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