Hemp Day in July

Ever have one of those days where luck just follows you around? Raging Rock Brockvlog did. From the front seat of his luxury SUV, a nice lady, Jane Withawhy, puts the brakes on him and hands him a four leaf clover. From there the seeds were sewn, so to speak, and Rock went off in search of more herbalicious markets.

We’re still fighting the Canadian Government

– Brenda Cowan, Owner of Hemp Heaven

Enter Brenda Cowan. She runs a little shop on Perth Street, Brockville, called Hemp Heaven. She sells you on the virtues of hemp fibre and is probably the last remaining place to buy, what is reefered, I mean refered to as “Tobacco Related Products”. Hey, we don’t care. Just don’t hurt anyone and we’re cool.

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  1. The owner, Robert ” Bobbie” Knight Sr. was very impressed with your interpretation of the interview. We both wanted to say thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. If everyone in the community showed such interest, we might have better awareness of what is what in Brockville and the surrounding area. I hope you keep growing and are appreciated for your efforts.
    brenda cowan ~ manager of hemp heaven

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