Dave Henderson for Mayor!

Dave Henderson is the next mayor of Brockille. It’s that simple. Okay, so he’s not that adept at ribbon cutting ceremonies or ground breaking sod turning ceremonies, but give the guy a break. He only announced YESTREDAY that he was even running for mayor. He’s got time to learn. He’s got time to grow. Besides, with BrockVlog.Com on his side, you just know he’s going to be great.

I’m Dave Henderson, and I’m running for Mayor!

Dave Henderson

Raging Rock Brockvlog plays Devil’s Advocate today and proposes the question to the masses on King Street – Would you vote for our candidate – Sexy Lance Brockvlog? for Mayor? An interesting public opinion poll on what is needed to lead Brockville Ontario into the next mandate has been conducted. A special thank you to Lawrence Bishop for his polite “absolutely not” response to our request for a comment is in order. What a guy.

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4 Replies to “Dave Henderson for Mayor!”

  1. Enjoy the site very much. I’m a former Brockville resident. I now live in Kingston at the Canadian Forces Base. Keep up the great vlogs !!!

  2. Let’s hear your plans for downtown. Clearly the most controversial area of our city presently. With all the proposed new …

    (sorry, I was erasing a bunch of spam comments and this one got partially deleted. It was from Sharon Jordan )

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