Claudia’s Reign

From the coast of British Columbia to the coast of the St. Lawrence River – meet Claudia Dennison. She’s an extraordinary young woman, full of fun, wisdom and experience beyond our city borders. Enjoy these five minutes alone with her and Bob Brockvlog as they explore the inner machinations that make her tic like the well oiled soap opera star that she is. Tal Bachman, Vancouver, and The Go-Go’s are just a few of the many subjects that she is connected to and you’ll cry your eyes out when this touching interview meets its end.

How many times do you have somebody come up to you and say, “Hey”?

– Claudia Dennison

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  1. Hello there. I have a link to your website on the shark site, but it looks pretty lame. Do you have any banners or jazz to spicen it up with? I mean the recorder & times banner looks more visually attractive. Lets not go there.. thanks alot!
    Mark Shark

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