How Stupid Do I Look?

Instead of just letting this one slip by unnoticed, unannounced and under the radar – Bob Brockvlog took his birthday to the streets of Brockvilletoday, in the form of a contest. Reporter Vicki Brockvlog scours the city looking for someone – anyone – who can correctly guess his age.

You’re the best!

– Joanne Benoit

Is he really THAT old? We would never have guessed it Bob, you sexy beast. Happy Birthday from the whole Brockvlog Family.

3 Replies to “How Stupid Do I Look?”

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Brockvlog

    You look not a day over ….. Tara said 50, something about she was voting for option Kiss my a@$

    Great show again!!

    You have me hooked

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