Gettin’ His Vote On

So, he wants to be the mayor… Handsome Lance Brockvlog is seriously considering throwing his hat into the onion ring this fall for just that job. Look out Dave Henderson and Mark Primeau (wherever you are!).

We’ve pitched the idea for a brand new online reality show, “So You Wanna Be The Mayor” to the brass at BrockVlog HQ and they fell for it! Raging Rock Brockvlog got the job as host and the Invincible Vince Brockvlog plays the crowd for penny laughs.

We’re applying the almond oil.

– Mary at Magestic Styling Lounge

We at BrockVlog.Com know that you just can’t win an election on thoughts, dreams and plans. You gotta look good! Enter the professionals at Magestic Styling Lounge Advanced Electrolysis – Skin Care on Kincaid Street (across from the infamous Sherman Lane). They have Lance in their hands like so much silly putty and got a firm grip on his short and curlies.

Sit back and enjoy the ride all the way to the polls.

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