Signers Keepers

Everybody in Brockville has lived here their whole lives. And so have their parents. We all know each other and each of us knows everything about the other guy. That is until today. I found the one and only import to this city and I found him red faced and hot handed. BobFM’s own Morning Drivetime Host, Moose, gives us a tour of his habitat and his take on the city. He tells us where he came from and why. He shows us around his current resting place and even takes off a bit of his bodily covering.

Would you like to sign the Moose?

– Bob BrockVlog to Health Inspector Dave Cody

BrockVlog takes to the streets again in an attempt to introduce Moose to his new neighbours. Most people are reluctant to meet the man, but finally, one sweet young woman not only wants to meet Moose, but agrees to SIGN Moose! You’ve got to see this one kids. It’s a keeper!

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