Some Like Them Hard

If you like your eggs, you’re going to love Blair Nolan. Blair opens up the gross and greases the griddle in an All Food Special Edition of BrockVlog today. The Invincible Vince Brockvlog teams with Lovable Lance Brockvlog and they crash the midmorning party in the kitchen at Kazuko Restaurant on King Street Brockville.

I figured out how to crack an egg without getting the shell in it.

– Chef Blair Nolan, Kazuko Restaurant

Don’t let his smooth appearance and circus sideshow antics fool you – this guy can cook an egg. And the last time I had a guy make me breakfast, I was in my ‘experimental’ period at university. Blair is kind of like that dude. Minus the textbooks.

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3 Replies to “Some Like Them Hard”

  1. Haha, You guys crack me up!
    Never been to Kazuko, Im more of a 730 Truck Stop lot lizard kinda gal. Ya know, I like my eggs like my men, over sleazy.

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