Water, Water Everywhere


“We actually have a hose.”

– Rob Hunter, Co – Organizer of the Hardy Park Outdoor Rink

It has been reported elsewhere that it doesn’t rain, it pours. But what we say here at BrockVlog is, “When it’s frozen, skate on it!”.

Raging Rock Brockvlog investigates the new Hardy Park Skating Rink on a cold winter’s afternoon. What a difference that Downtown Brockville Head Honco, Rob Hunter, can make to a normally abandoned park. Just add a bunch of heated huts, some ice, shake, stir, rattle and roll, and voila – instant winter party place.

But all that lives is born to die, and before the clock strikes 12 (degrees centigrade) this Cinderella turns into a pumpkin, right before her very eyes.

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