Boy, Oh Danny Boy!

St. Patrick’s Day will never be the same after what we’ve put it through today! Bob Brockvlog pours his heart, soul, and a couple cans of Guinness into this, very special, Irish Mon O’Vlog. No one escapes the clever and sharp wit of our resident leprechaun and today, we just may have finally gone to far. Special thanks to A.J. Benoit!

Moose seems to have a tool.

– Janey Brown

The results are in. And did it get ugly.
Allow me to set the stage for you: King Street Cafe. Man against Moose – a fully stocked Chinese buffet – and two minutes of no bites barred all you can eat mayhem. BrockVlog’s Sweetheart Janey Brown referees this culinary contest as Lance Brockvlog squares off against Bob FM‘s Morning Drive Host, Moose. We finally separate the sweet from the sour.

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  1. Eric
    Haven’t watched it yet but thought I would point out a bug. I had Quicktime Player V6.5 and I couldn’t load your website off the link. Part of it would load then the program would crash (Explorer?). The Quicktime screen stayed black. Once i downloaded Quicktime 7.0 everything (I think) loaded (is loading) and I expect will work.

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