This One’s a Little Flat

Manic Monday, Shrove Tuesday, Weedless Wednesday… What’s next? Why its… Thirsty Thursday and Freaky Friday, of course. Join the BrockVlog crew as we visit a couple of Brockville’s Finest One Day Eateries as they prepare to feed the masses with a lumpy mix of water and pancake batter. See Bob Panter and Chef Michel Truesel (Mike Trussell) just moments before they open their doors to Brockville’s version of Mardi Gras.

The ultimate is two flips

– Chef Michel Trusel

A shrove by any other name still puzzles the population. Rock BrockVlog visits the Brockville Shopping Centre and tries to unearth the Secrets of the Shrove.

Plus – for the first time ever – a “MonoVlog” by Bob BrockVlog on his favourite two topics – Saddam Hussein and pancakes.

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  1. I looked forward to reading your brockvlog but unfortunately all I see above is a big white box. I am one of the people stuck with Windows 98 still.But that’s my problem not yours.
    Good luck on your site.

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