Holy Jumpin’ Jacks

BrockVlog may have outdone itself today. This is the Wicked Weekend Edition, and as such, we’ve got a jam packed show. For starters, witness Bob Brockvlog and his patented MonoVlog – look out world, the bullets are flying. Then Raging Rock Brockvlog takes us uptown to see the amazing world of big trucks and porta-potties. And to round out the evening, we have a very special look at the upcoming thriller, Brockvlog, The Movie (featuring an Oscar calibre performance by Lance Brockvlog). Have a great weekend everybody, and spread the word – BrockVlog!

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  1. Hey, Awesome show man! I love the MonoVlog, haha. On top of the humor, I am really impressed with the production quality. I’d like to learn some of your tricks.

    Thanks a lot for the comment on my vlog, and for adding the link, I appreciate it!

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