If I Could Vlog 100 Miles

Today is BrockVlog.Com‘s 100th Episode! Yes, yes, we know – wipe the champagne off of your lips and sit yourself down for the longest, hottest, bestest show we’ve ever put together…

See for yourself the Wicked Weekend Edition MonoVlog by Bob Brockvlog. The amazing super rockers, (Doug ) Healy &(Randy) Orr paid us the ultimate compliment today by rocking by and jamming with us on King Street. Catch the back show favourites. See a hot trailer for the upcoming thriller, BrockVlog The Movie. Lance might get a date. A great streeter with Brockville shopper’s favorite episodes explained. And much, much more!

We’re 100 now – we can do whatever we want to do!!!

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3 Replies to “If I Could Vlog 100 Miles”

  1. Bravo Brockvlog!!

    Great job guys! Thanks a lot for the shout-out… I’m pretty sure this the fist time I’ve been mentioned right alongside Rocketboom. I appreciate it!

    Jon Wedd

  2. Hey Guys! Congrats on 100 episodes and I am glad I could be a part of one of them! As I get ready to move from Brockville to Ottawa in the next week, I am glad to have access to this great site of yours so I can keep up to date with the place I called home for the last 3 years. Keep up the great work!!



  3. I checked at Shoppers tonight, but couldnt find any Depends for Vloggers, they said they had an overwhelming response from all of your veiwers lining up at the door Saturday morning and have sold out. Bummer!!!
    Oh Well, Ill have to do without and try not to pee my pants laughing at you three amigos.
    Go Brockvlog!!! Go Brockvlog!!! Looking forward to 100 more!!

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