To Rugby or Not to Rugby?

Triple header today. First up, we have Raging Rock Brockvlog recognizing the behind the scenes labours of one of Brockvlog.Com‘s most dedicated, tireless, and handsomest personel. We present to you, BrockVlog‘s first Employee of the Month, Mr. Calvin Brockvlog.

Next, due to popular demand, Bob Brockvlog‘s much anticipated interview with Prescott‘s sasy South Grenville Girls Rugby Team (oh yeah, “Mar” is there!). Coach Sean Saunders and his all girl powerhouse educate our viewers on things such as the difference between Rugby and Waterpolo. You’ll be surprised! As a bonus to our dedicated viewers, meet Megan Boyd and the sign up now for this year’s school yearbook.

Finally, Sexy Lance Brockvlog gets his microphone stolen over at Mrs. B’s Variety when owner Laura Wilson makes tables turned around fair play. Single Man Alert! Single Man Alert!

Shorts occassionally get pulled down

South Grenville Rugby Coach – Sean Saunders

If you can’t see the video – you need Flash Player 8

10 Replies to “To Rugby or Not to Rugby?”

  1. It is nice to see that you are going to other places around the area.

    I hear that Rock will be around St Lawrence Park on Saturday………will he be doing a Brockvlog story?

  2. Wow coming up to 100 already…Why it seems like only yesterday the little Vlog’rs got started…I feel like bursting into song…Alas, only a text comment site..Early Congrats, and keep ‘er comin.

  3. woohooo! SAAAAAUNDERS!!! haha…awesome, the interview with rico, and my sis..”WATER!” haha…this ones gotta be my fave. vlog of all times, so far..thanks for putting this on…sometime you should go through the halls and interview kids and stuff…it would be cool..

  4. Thanks for coming to Prescott.
    But you never did answer the question: “To rugby or not to rugby?”
    And I’m definitely going to get me one of those hot dogs.
    Good interview S.S.

  5. i love how my voice cracks at the begining. lol. yeah go south! wooooooot, see, brok vlog knew that the other brockville teams suck so they came to see us!!!!*pats back*

    thanks for the picture brockvolg we really appreciate it!!

  6. Hey ! What a joy to see my old school!! It was fun to think back to the Prescott years. Is Mr Lawn still the principal?? Or is Mr Spafford? Good job, Bob!! See you soon

  7. PS: Centennial CVI here in Guelph, has an awsome Girls Rugby team, and speaking of injuries, there was a game against Fergus where an unfortunate Fergus girl accidentially got her face stepped on was taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to Guelph general hospital by ambulance. We clapped for her.

  8. Another great Brockvlog! I am looking forward to your 100th episode.

    Its really amazing how you guys put together quality material everyday! Keep up the great work! I think I owe you a shout out this Weekend!

  9. WHOOT!! YEAH SAUNDERS!! this is a really col site and i’m so glad you guys came down to south grenville to interveiw some students. Congrats on your 100th episode commin up. you should see a game sometime i’ll try to keep you posted.

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