The Hip Joint

This is not a trendy new place to smoke dope. But The Hip Joint (formerly Brockville Therapeutic Massage) is a double-entendre though – fresh and exciting as well as focused on stress relief and therapeutic benefits: This is not your mother’s massage parlor. Jennifer Wyman takes a lucky Bob Brockvlog first through the philosophy of her new business and then a walking tour of her facilities which suddenly swerves into a heated lambskin massage table. If you haven’t experienced a professional scalp and ear massage – you haven’t lived (or died).

Many people leave their underwear on. Which is okay.

– Jennifer Wyman

Take five minutes and see for yourself what’s got Bob all red in the face. Then pick up the phone and treat yourself, your head and your mind to the first step in getting yourself straightened out. By appointment only 345-0711. Tell them BrockVlog sent you!

9 Replies to “The Hip Joint”

  1. Hi Mark

    You are brilliant! Well done sir! Wonderfully entertaining. You have us laughing out loud as always.


  2. Hi Mark

    I work here and I didn’t get my name in the video, AND I DON’T LEAVE MY UNDERWEAR ON!! AND IT IS BETTER.

  3. Tink..

    You work at ‘The Hip Joint’ and you don’t leave your underwear on? Is this while you are giving a massage? Or, getting one? I’m pretty curious now. Bob has given me a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage.. We may have to tape a second episode, so we can at least mention your name! Sounds like a fun place to work at..


  4. Lance:

    It is a GREAT place to work, it’s fun, upbeat and great for the soul. It’s a relaxing stress free atmosphere where underwear is optional!
    See you at the Hip Joint!


  5. Jim,

    Bob was doing some celebrating of his Birthday today.. The usual Friday show is finished and ready to go, it just needs to be posted.. Luckily you still have all weekend to enjoy the Friday episode.. We thank you for your dedication, and hope that we didnt ruin your evening without a new Brockvlog… I’ll also mention that when it does get posted, you are in for a pretty entertaining episode!


  6. hi tink and wendy, hope underwear is not an issue today, its a little too brisk. vlog is awesome. hats (or shorts) off to on and off screen stars. nice to see (meet) Bob and wife last eve. was it your birthday? happy bd. keep the vlogs coming.

    tt crock

  7. tt
    It was indeed my birthday. Well, it was the pre-party when you saw me. then we boozed it on over to Buell Street Bistro where I was “surprized”!

    It was great to see some fellow brockvloggers out for a night at BP. We’d love to see you again soon!

    btw – I am definately going back to the Hip Joint soon!


  8. Hey Tink..

    Im a bit nervous about the massage thing.. But, I’m most certainly sure I’m in good hands.. Just please be gentle! =]

    See ya on Wednesday!


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