Downtown Round One

Well, we stuck it to the man today. Over 20 interviews, many deemed too hot for satelite, yet all perfect for vlogcasting. See the best of the best as total strangers were approched and asked a very simple question.

Also – Bob Brockvlog gets a haircut and uncovers the truth behind the beautyshop.

Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s so true!

Former Child-Mayor Steve Clark on working with a hangover!

Watch this amazing Vlog now!

4 Replies to “Downtown Round One”

  1. Now Lance, you’ve gotta get the upcoming show, gypsy on here…that would be great, make sure you manage to catch me on there, always injoy abit of time infront of the camera!

  2. That was a sweet episode, you guys are doing a great job with your little internet invention. I’m hoping to see an episode of The Duke having his beard shaved while being held down. See you at the bowling alley.

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