I’ll take Gasoline for a Dollar, Rock

The price of one litre of regular gasoline is over $1 again in Brockville. We think that’s just too much. And we’re going to do something about it. Today. Follow Rip Roaring and Raging Rock Brockvlog as he adds fuel to a few people’s fire at the Thousand Islands Mall.

I have to to have the gas,
AND I have to move.

– Shopper in the Mall

KIA Dealer, Arnold Dixon is unveiling the newest in econo-transport: the Moped is Back in the form of a Tomos. Drive for as little as $5 a week, and look as cool as Fonzie on one of these sleek and sexy two wheelers. Some like it hot – Arnold, we like it scalding, baby! You get our motors running!

2 Replies to “I’ll take Gasoline for a Dollar, Rock”

  1. Rock you have done it again with a great story.Too bad people don’t just stop driving and not go to work.In Jamacia I am told people will not go to work unless the gas is cheap.Could we do that here?Not likely,we are too spoiled and have too much.

  2. I think you have it very cheap! today our gas has gone to $1.40 per litre and will be at $2.00 by Friday :{

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