Crazy Like a Moose

Wow, some folks just don’t like to lose. Take Moose, Mike and Sam from 103.7 BOB FM: they finished fourth in last week’s BrockVlog Poll of “Who’s Crazier”. So they mounted a campaign which forced us to reopen that particular bag of hammers and take another peek inside. Recorder and Times Ace Reporter Ron Zajac easily coasted to victory in our initial study, a scientific and democratic survey amongst the BrockVlog viewers. Moose put Ron squarely in his sights and called in the nutty artillary and it was game on. Real time, real life, real Naked walks.

Sam has done her preparations as well so we’re excited.

Mike Reid, 103.7

True to the words from his crazy lips, Moose, Mike and Sam took Bob’s Breakfast to howling new heights. Watch the fresh faced Betty Brockvlog chase after this trio of the truely insane as they shock and awe the unsuspecting public of Downtown Brockville. Not even the new BizXcel designed mulitcoloured logo could compete for attention on this very Naked walk of infamy.

Sorry Ron, your reign of the cuckoo has come unclucked.

If you can’t see the video – you need Flash Player 8

8 Replies to “Crazy Like a Moose”

  1. Moose you are really not quite what I expected but hey will miss your voice everyday and yes you guys are pretty crazy …Sam what were you thinking getting mixed up with these two guys haha

  2. Best Brockvlog EVER!!!
    too bad J-man doesn’t have a life…or a personality to realize Moose, Mike and Sam are the craziest and one of the best things to hit Brockville in a LONG time…but he can go back to his National Goegraghic magazines and keep listening to stuff nobody cares about…”J”… when you get a life call me…Brockvlog rules!!!

  3. Because I don’t listen to Bob FM, I don’t have a life?…Wow.. From the VLogs here, I find Moose obnoxious and non-comical. That’s my opinion. I listen to the radio for music, not talk. And the music BOB plays is not my type of music…It’s obvious that you are part of their target audience, but that doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant to those with tastes other than yours. Rude, just rude. And I think I’ll keep my life thanks, as I’m doing quite well, and never feel the need to attack people with rudeness behind the veil of the internet. People usually appreciate it when you act civilized. Please endeavor to try it from now on, it might make you a nicer person.

  4. Well…”J” man and i use the term “Man” very losely…yes you are entitled to your opinions…You think Moose is Moose is obnoxious and non-comical…so good to hear from the very small minority…I know ALOT of people who find what he does quite funny and at least someone who has the “Balls” (something you no doubt do not have or too small to find)to do something different and to push the envelope…So I say to you Tiny or “J” man…pick up your skirt, tell your mom to keep it on CBC for you, and enjoy your pathetic life…MOOSE, Mike and Sam Rule!

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