The Don of All Fish

First, let me get this off my chest: I know we’re late with this one… but The MonoVlog is back and it’s taking no prisoners. Bob Brockvlog has cooked up some mean sh*t and you better be prepared for some mustard on the fast ball, baby! Jimmy Hoffa‘s dead again, Heather Mills McCartney is leaving the golden goose and Paris Hilton, Queen Victoria and Bhagwant Parmar are featured! Grab a Genuine Draft and enjoy.

Thank gosh for technology, eh?

– Chelsea Brockvlog on electric potato peelers

The tables are not only turned, they are upended. Our newest Team BrockVlog correspondent, Chelsea Brockvlog, grabs Bob’s mic… and the rest is a little bit fishy! Tom Dewar, owner of Brockville’s Don’s Fish ‘n Chips sets the bait and swallows the hook, line and sinker! It’s a true feel good story for those in the market.

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

2 Replies to “The Don of All Fish”

  1. Thank God waiting for the show and a good looking chick is on makes all worth the wait.Good show but I saw another Fish+Chips downtown what’s is like? Oh another show on Fish? Have a good weekend.See you Tuesday because you holiday right?

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